What is Tempeh?

** All of our Raw / Unpasteurized Tempeh should always be Cooked Before consumption. Prepare your Tempeh with intention and attention to cross contaminnation, as you would with meat**

Tempeh Sporulation- Why is my Tempeh Black?

Tempeh is a mushroom, like other fungi tempeh releases spores. Sometimes when you buy tempeh you may see black dark discoloration.. This is not spoilage, but in fact it is the tempeh trying to reproduce itself! Tempeh is grown from a starter culture (which is sporulated tempeh that has been ground up & dried) This starter culture inoculates the fresh substrate ( beans) and a new growth cycle begins! The tempeh then sporulates again and is either eaten or made into more starter culture.

Sometimes tempeh can appear slimy and smelly some describe it as sour dewy or fishy this is also a normal occurrence.

If your tempeh has any red or orange discoloration discard it. That is the only tell tale sign of contamination.