Our Values

We chose the name ‘TRIA PRIMA” because the foundation of our business is built on the ideals of the three primes, which we translate into – Environmental, Social & Personal Well being. We wanted to create a business model that supports our environment, community and the individuals we call our neighbors.

 – Environmental-  We strive to be intentional with everything we do. Therefore we want to take action in being accountable for the choices we make, and the impact we have on the Earth. At Tria Prima we always use bio- degradable plastics, we support local farmers and businesses (( such as humming bird wholesale for a majority of our grains and legumes as well as local farmers seasonally )) We purchase all of our tempeh spores domestically from a grower and supplier within the USA & all of our spores are always grown on rice, which means they are soy and gluten free! These are steps we are taking towards a more sustainable future.

-Social-  We at Tria Prima are dedicated to providing alternative products to our community here in Eugene Oregon. We are passionate about being inclusive and offering a service in our community via providing alternatives to meat and soy products. This allows everyone to feel included no matter what your diet is!  These social aspects also follow into our support of sustainable agriculture. all of our beans and legumes are organic and Fair Trade when possible. Meaning that Farmers and workers are paid living wages.

 -Personal- We began creating Tempeh with the intention of nurturing ourselves into a place of balance and well being. Our Products are 100% Soy free, Gluten Free & Vegan. These are our standards because we believe that healthy people are the foundation of a thriving community.