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This Is a Frozen product: Our Tempeh is a – Live Culture- Raw- Tempeh. This means by health code standards this product must kept Frozen.

We have Implemented marketing techniques to make sure your customers find our products. We will provide you with  labels to display among your refrigerated tempeh, these labels direct customers to our soy free, Raw Tempeh in the freezer section.

We Will also have in house demos & samplings of our product in your store, to draw customer attention to the Tempeh.

Do you have UPC Codes? : Yes, all of our products have a scan-able UPC bar code which can be registered in your system

Buy Back Disclaimer:

If your store requires a buy back or re stock deal ( if our product expires before it sells) we are happy to accommodate. However, we will not re stock or reimburse if you have not put stock of our product on your shelves within 2 weeks time.


Thank you,

Margaret & Sam