Wholesale Information

Restaurant Wholesale orders are by the lb not by the case, contact us for more information and price lists @ 541-799-4235

Our Tempeh can be sold frozen or refrigerated :

If you choose to freeze our product :

We have Implemented marketing techniques to make sure your customers find our products. We will provide you with labels to display among your refrigerated tempeh, these labels direct customers to our soy free, Raw Tempeh in the freezer section.

We will also have in house demos & samplings of our product in your store, to draw customer attention to the Tempeh.

Do you have UPC Codes? : Yes, all of our products have a scan-able UPC bar code which can be registered in your system

Do You have a Dun & Bradstreet Number? – Yes 031007053.

Buy Back Disclaimer:

If your store requires a buy back or re stock deal ( if our product expires before it sells) we are happy to accommodate. However, we will not re stock or reimburse if you have not put stock of our product on your shelves within 2 weeks time.

A Word on our Prices

If you decide to start a wholesale account with us here’s something to consider before turning -soy free- away due to “price”.

Our price reflects the care and quality that goes into our craft- The great thing about our Tempeh is that it is soy free & made with Organically grown Beans from our beloved Local Farmers! We can make each wholesale order fresh, fluffy, and raw as opposed to frozen pasteurized seconds.

We also use biodegradable bags instead of standard plastic. Although it costs us slightly more, it comes guilt free when considering the state of our oceans.

We really do our best to provide the highest quality, fully cultured, local food at the lowest price. With the intention of having it be accessible to everyone. Soy- tempeh is slightly cheaper than ours, this is because soy beans are a very cheap bean to produce. Our beans however, are organically grown by farmers in our area. Who take pride in what they produce. When taking personal and environmental health into consideration, you really do get what you pay for.

Our 3 lb slab bags of split pea Tempeh are .27 cents per oz. If you buy a -soy- slab bag of Tempeh you pay .20 cents per oz. That’s only a seven cent difference!

Distributional information-

Tria prima Tempeh is distributed by RNF( Rouge Natural foods). RNF distributes

to- Southern cities of Oregon.

Tria Prima Tempeh is distributed by Oceana Foods. Oceana distributes to – Coastal cities of Oregon.

Tria Prima Tempeh Self Distributes to Central Oregon, Northern Oregon, and Eastern Oregon, as well as Northern California.

For CA Buyers- Tria Prima makes a once a month trip to Nor Cal. In this one run we fulfill all our CA orders. Orders are to be placed on the 1st Monday of each month and will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of being placed. (Our product sells fast so we advise bulk buying)

Note: Tria Prima Tempeh does not accept liability for ANY Tempeh that has been improperly stored or used.

This means if you :

1) Forget to take the outer bag off when storing your Tempeh in the fridge.

2) Forget to put it in the freezer or fridge.

(Tempeh will spoil if you keep it at room temp or hotter)

3.) If you consume Tempeh that has been left thawed in the fridge AFTER the recommended 5-7 days.

Thank you,

Margaret & Sam